Before setting off on your overseas trip it is important to get accurate advice on how to remain healthy while you are away. You may also be required to have proof of certain vaccinations before you will be allowed to enter some countries. Organising your travel health needs is complex and involves much more than just getting a few vaccinations. We recommend that you get your travel health organised at least 6 weeks prior to departing.

We are able to provide detailed travel health advice.  Our nurses are trained vaccinators and we can administer the common vaccinations including: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Typhoid, Polio, Influenza, MMR, Meningitis and Rabies vaccine. Our doctors can prescribe malaria prevention and travel medications where necessary.

A pre-travel questionnaire will need to be completed for each person.  Please make sure you complete the form comprehensively.  You may return this to us by email or fax 03 435 0789 or alternatively feel free to drop it off.  Once received the doctor will complete your pre-travel assessment, which will normally take 2–3 working days to process.  Once your travel recommendations have been confirmed we will call you to make your travel consultation appointment with the GP.  Please note there is a charge for a travel consultation – vaccination costs are additional.  Please click below to download our pre-travel questionnaire.

Travel questionnaire

Please click below to view our travel consultation and immunisation pricelist.

Travel vaccination prices

We do not provide Yellow Fever or TB (tuberculosis) vaccinations.  If you require vaccination for Yellow Fever, it is done at Dee Street Healthcare Ltd in Timaru.  Before making an appointment with Dee Street Healthcare, a health professional will need to complete a 'Yellow Fever Referral Form', which we can do for you. You will then need to call the number provided on the form to make an appointment in Timaru.

Please be aware that due to the cost of travel vaccines, we order them in after they have been paid for.  They usually take 1–2 working days to arrive.

You may be interested in looking at the website below for further travel health information.

For further information or to book a travel health/vaccination appointment please phone 03 435 0777 and speak with a practice nurse.