It all started when…

...the community of Twizel decided that due to its remote location, nestled in the heart of the Mackenzie basin, it was time to build a new medical centre to accommodate its residents and the growing number of tourists who swell the population in the summer months – and increasingly in spring, autumn and winter too. 

Funds were raised,  with the blood, sweat and tears of a determined and tight knit community, and a state of the art facility was born.  

Our medical centre (the 'health hub of Twizel') provides the day-to-day functions of a busy general practice as well as urgent and emergency services which are run by teams of dedicated and highly qualified professionals (meet the team). 

As our facility has the latest equipment and technologies to assess, monitor and treat most patients in Twizel, unnecessary travel to Timaru (which has the nearest major hospital) can be avoided.  When hospital level care is required, patients are treated, stabilised and monitored while awaiting transportation via ambulance or helicopter.

Equipped with a specially designed helipad, if a rescue helicopter is deemed necessary, our helipad is the closest available landing platform, and recognised by helicopter pilots as the only place in town to safely land.  In an emergency situation when things must sometimes happen quickly, the people of Twizel can have confidence that they also happen safely. 

Importantly, Twizel Medical Centre was built 'by the people for the people', and all profits made by the centre are used to enhance health services for the community and its visitors.