We are CORNERSTONE Accredited!

Twizel Medical Centre Achieves cornerstone® Accreditation

cornerstone® is the programme that assesses practices using the Aiming for Excellence standard. Aiming for Excellence is the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioner’s quality standard for general practices that wish to embed continuous quality improvement in the way they provide care for their patients.

This means that Twizel Medical Centre has met high standards in patient care, the service it offers and the facilities it provides.  Our practice team is committed to continuous improvement.  This ensures that you, the patient, receives high quality care.  Accreditation is valid for four years.

What can you expect from your cornerstone accredited practice?

·         Improved patient care

·         Respect for the rights and needs of patients

·         Efficient practice systems

·         An excellent practice environment

·         Excellent teamwork.

Benefits of cornerstone

·         Contributes to safe care and a better patient experience

·         A demonstrated commitment to ongoing quality improvement

·         Enhanced teamwork within the practice

·         Enhanced clinical processes.

The process of becoming an accredited practice is long and arduous!  Our journey began in 2016 when we registered with the Royal College.  Following a stringent set of guidelines the team at Twizel Medical Centre spent a year assessing ourselves to ensure that all of our policies, systems, processes and physical environment met the standards set by the Royal College.  This included raking through our paperwork, ensuring that our safety procedures were up-to-date and signed off, and undergoing training to get every team member at the practice current with requirements. Our training included Health and Disability, Cultural Competency, Privacy, Emergency Procedures etc.  It involved everyone at the practice from the Practice Manager, to the GPs, Nurses, Receptionists and Administration Staff.

When self-assessment was completed the College assigned external assessors to visit the practice.  The assessors comprised a GP and a Practice Manager from other parts of New Zealand who could inspect every facet of our practice independently and without bias. The assessors spent a full day at Twizel Medical Centre inspecting everything, reviewing evidence and questioning all members of staff – quite daunting!  The College works closely with Health and Disability Audit New Zealand to provide independent auditing, verification, assessor training and oversight.

At the end of this extensive process the College awarded us an accreditation certificate.

What are the standards this practice has met?

Aiming for Excellence, the standard for general practice, covers:

·         Your needs and rights as a patient

·         Access and availability of practice services

·         Absence of physical barriers to access

·         Safety of practice systems and facilities

·         Safety and currency of medical equipment and resources

·         Comprehensive, coordinated, continuity of care

·         Disease preparation and health promotion

·         Practice and patient information and management

·         Continuous quality improvement and professional development.

There is a lot of hard work and dedication involved in the process of cornerstone accreditation.  Everyone here at Twizel Medical Centre is thrilled to have received this formal recognition of excellence.