Primary Response in Medical Emergencies (PRIME)
Twizel Medical Centre holds the PRIME contract for this region, covering Twizel and Tekapo, to the bottom of the Otematata Saddle (Sailor’s Cutting) and to the top of the Lindis Pass.  It is your first point of contact for urgent or emergency care that is a 24/7 service run on a roster system of PRIME trained GPs, nurses and nurse practitioners.

St John Ambulance
Eighteen volunteers in the Twizel area crew the frontline ambulance.  The Twizel area is serviced by ambulances from nearby districts Timaru, Fairlie, Geraldine, Omarama and Tekapo.  If the nearest ambulance is on another call, the closest available ambulance will be sent.  Given our remoteness, when an ambulance isn’t immediately available, it is important that a patient is able to access urgent care at TMC while awaiting transportation.

If a rescue helicopter is deemed necessary, the helipad at Twizel Medical Centre is the closest available landing platform, and the only place in town to safely land.  Recognised by both Otago Helicopters and Westpac Trust as being an exemplary helipad, it gives the Twizel community confidence that in an emergency situation when things sometimes must happen quickly, they also happen safely.  The medical centre has specifically been designed to receive emergency personnel and their equipment.

Fire and Emergency NZ
St John also has a co-response agreement with Fire and Emergency NZ.  This brigade is made up of ordinary people who have made a commitment to respond in times of need to emergencies. Apart from fires, the Fire Service crew will attend motor vehicle accidents and other emergency situations where extrication or recovery might be needed.

In an emergency when you call 111, your call will go through to a clinical control centre where experienced nurses and paramedics will triage the call to establish what services you need i.e. an ambulance only or an ambulance and a PRIME responder.  If PRIME is required, the TMC responder will jump in the car and come straight to you wherever you are.  Depending on the situation a fire engine may also head your way, for example for a motor vehicle accident.  When emergency services reach you, they will treat you on-site, bring you back to the medical centre, or send you to hospital via ambulance or chopper.

In a medical emergency the sooner someone receives appropriate care, the better the outcome is likely to be.  At TMC we are very fortunate to have the facilities and personnel to respond to urgent care needs effectively.  Please contact us in the case of an emergency.